SRM FOSS Meetup 2018 features a full-day series of conferences and workshops, from Beginner to advanced level on 24th March 2018 at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) Kattankulathur Campus.

This was my first event participation as Auth0 ambassador and delivered a talk on “Introduction to Modern Identity“.

Goals :

  • Promote and Educate people about authentication & authorization.
  • Learn about the different concepts that make up the modern identity
  • Organizers are accountable to clarify queries on the day of the event

Let me share a little bit about me. My name is Mehul Patel, I’m an Auth0-Ambassador at Auth0. I’m an active member of the various Developer Community which is a program run by a group of highly trained & passionate contributors who share technical knowledge about Open Web at various regional developer-facing events. I’m also part of other open sources peers like WordPress, Linux, Debian, OpenStack, Mozilla and much more.

Feel free to ping me anytime on telegram or twitter and I’m happy to chat with you.

Before kicked off to my talk I have talked about the organization Which I have represented i.e. Auth0, Auth0 provides authentication and authorization as a service. You can connect any application (written in any language or on any stack) to Auth0 and define the identity providers you want to use (how you want your users to log in).

The process of identifying an individual, usually based on a user-name and password. In security systems, authentication is distinct from authorization, which is the process of giving individuals access to system objects based on their identity.

Let’s talk about the common web security Vulnerabilities. This was complete brainstorming part where many participants shared their views.

Generally, people have this questions that why passwordless authentication is the best option for login?

Because we’re using the same authentication methods devised at the dawn of the web. Unfortunately, passwords are increasingly broken.

One more reason is why ‘Passwordless Authentication Is More Secure‘?

Because In recent years, there have been so many cases of stolen or hacked passwords. As a result, passwords are becoming a larger part of the trouble rather than the solution to keeping users’ information safe or secured.

Why Auth0?

Amazing Participants from sesison and hackathon 🙂 Full Album Here:

In my every event I am always seeking for feedback’s from participants/attendees/visitors, doesn’t matter its positive or negative because if you know the feedback you can definitely work on it to improve for next time to make it better.

Why is Feedback important? so I believe Feedback allows us to build and maintain communication with others and the most important information collected from post-event surveys is whether attendees found value in the event, whether it was worth their investment of time and resources, and whether they would participate in the event again.

Hope you enjoyed my blog! 🙂


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