The event is focused on introducing and teaching the state of art system programming language Rust to local programmers and Mozillians in Gujarat.  This is the first time Mozilla will participate at ORDINATEUR’17! The summit will involve students and tech enthusiasts from the university. I gave a talk on Rust programming which is one of emerging technologies and one of the major focus of Mozilla.


ORDINATEUR’17 is a one of a kind flagship event organized by IEEE GCET Computer Society Student Chapter under the them “Tech Trend & Innovate

Before, I shared my experience with this talk, so let me tell you one thing that this was my one of the best intellectual programming debate talk. Yes, it is! 😀

I have started with Introduction to Mozilla and “Who am I”. Adding to that, I have also shared about Mozilla projects and Rust is one of them. So now, Lets Dive Into Rust!

According to me, Rust is a good choice when you’d choose C++. You can also say, “Rust is a systems programming language that pursuing the trifecta: safe, concurrent, and fast.” I would say, Rust is an ownership-oriented programming language.

Why should I use Rust? I am always expecting this question whenever I talk about Rust and here as well one language enthusiast asked me the same questions.

Firstly, I have shared the reason that I’ve looked into Rust at first and then I have explained and discussed each point with participants. 

  • Rust is new enough that you can write useful stuff that would have already existed in other languages
  • It is low-level enough that you take account of most resources.
  • It’s more like C++ and Go, less like Node and Ruby
  • cargo is awesome. Managing crates just works as intended, which makes a whole lot of troubles you may have in other languages just vanish with a satisfying poof.

Please read the full story here, this may explain you, why you should use Rust?

Then, we move ahead did some practicals where I have shown them small demos from our Rust Kits

It was always fun to play with Rust and glad that participants also enjoyed while rusty their hand.

                                             Thanks, ORDINATEUR’17 Team for this memento.

Reps link:

Presentation link:

Google Drive (Photos) link:

What Next?

  • I am looking for more such collaboration with such organizations to spread the Mozilla mission & Rust.
  • Next series of full-day intense workshop on Rust at G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology with IEEE GCET Computer Society and nearby university campuses.

Hope you enjoyed my blog! 🙂


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