Firstly, let me extend the thanks to Yuvalay Electronics Lab for inviting me as Speaker to give a talk on Open Source. Moreover, kudos to you to arrange a talk on Open source first time ever in Vadodara city.

About Yuvalay Electronics Lab

Yuvalay Electronics Lab offers a platform and eco-system to the students, hobbyists, and professionals to understand and apply the theoretical knowledge of the subjects in the field of Electronics. It helps to convert the interest into the passion by providing a conducive environment to learn-explore-innovate under the guidance of experts. More

This is the first time ever I have not presented any presentation, this time it’s gonna be a pure talk where people can ask me anything about open source. I have started my talk with, what I am thinking or believing about open source.

For me, contributing to open source can be a rewarding way to learn, teach, and gain experience. No matter which skills you have, everything can be made useful. In this talk, I have shared the following points which can help you to get started with an open source contribution.

  1. Why contribute to open source?
  2. What it means to contribute
  3. Boost yourself to a new project; best example: Github
  4. How to find a project to contribute to? : some sources Github, Your First PR, and so on.
  5. How to submit a contribution?
  6. What happens once you contributed?

I am always asking these questions to my self and trying to find out the answer, and guess what while finding the answer to these questions my contribution to open source automatically done.

A common misconception about contributing to open source is that you need to contribute code. For me, contributions don’t have to be tech related as open source projects also need people who have non-tech skills, like documentation, localization, marketing, testing and much more.

For instance, What can I do for Mozilla? is a resource that helps pair people with the organization’s technical and non-technical needs.

Why do people contribute to open source?

To, improve existing skills
To, meet people who are having similar interests
To, find mentors and teach others
To, build public artifacts that help to build your profile

Here are  few of my personal favorites Open Source Platforms;

  • Linux <3
  • WordPress
  • Python & Rust
  • VLC Media Player <3
  • Web Browsers:
    • Firefox <3
    • Chromium (the basis for Chrome)
  • GIMP

I bet on you, within these kinds of projects exist more undetected bugs, probable improvements, and documentation deficiency. Therefore, even if you don’t want to learn how to code inside, still you can find ways to take part in the open source world.

There was a very healthy discussion between me and all the participants where they asking back to back questions and I am thus thoroughly enjoying to answer those questions.

Our goal via this talk is to make people understand that open source contribution have no explicit literal like hard-earned cash value. But, the implicit value, i.e. the opportunity to contribute to open source widely outweighs any literal cash value you might gain by giving your time over to a project. e.g. Guess how much money I got paid for contributing to Linux package? $0. Yep, it was $0.

Our aim is to people believe that if they don’t file bugs and make steps to reproduce them, or on ways to reproduce expected and unexpected behaviors, so coders/techs have no way of knowing how software gets used and what they should do get resolved.

At last, we also had round discussion of what participants thinking about open source and what their passion about open source.Everyone has shared their views and all an all it was great to hear their views on it.

Even if you like to write code, other types of contributions are a great way to get involved with a project and meet other community members. Building those relationships will give you opportunities to work on other parts of the project. This is the way community builds with better engagement.

Thank you, everyone, who joined our talk! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.  🙂


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