With respect to subject of my blog, this might be the questions of all who heard about this programming language or who have attended any rust session/workshops very first time. Recently when I was traveling to some cities in India for Rust campaign called RainOfRust, that time one 2nd year engineering student who attended one of my session asked me this question, “Why should I use Rust?” when my session got over.

Well, this was the best questions so far anyone asked me during this campaign and I loved to shared how I answered that.

You might thought that I have started my conversation with this general definition that,

Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.

This the common definition which everybody knows. I always believe that you should share your things the way you understand or the you adopt it. This way your thoughts spread better among all who listened to you.

Rust is a good choice when you’d choose C++. You can also say, “Rust is a systems programming language that pursuing the trifecta: safe, concurrent, and fast.” I would say, Rust is an ownership-oriented programming language.

Here is my definition and from here I started to explained him, after sometime some more students joined the conversation and it became more interesting.

Firstly, the reason that I’ve looked into Rust at first.

  • Rust is new enough that you can write useful stuff that would have already existed in other languages
  • It gives a relatively familiar tool to the modern C++ developers, but in the much more consistent and reliable ways.
  • It is low-level enough that you take account of most resources.
  • Its more like C++ and Go, less like Node and Ruby
  • cargo is awesome. Managing crates just works as intended, which makes a whole lot of troubles you may have in other languages just vanish with a satisfying poof.

Second, According to recent The Stack Overflow survey Rust is the most beloved among developers of all programming languages and frameworks.

Credits : https://insights.stackoverflow.com

Last, explained them that how we working in community and get a chance to learn and work with some expert community leaders. Growing the Rust Community is one of the focused goal of Rust team and this is the reason we have taken the initiative to run Rust campaign and Thanks Carol Nichols from Rust team who helped all her best during this campaign. Here, I would like all of you to see her recent interview at Codemash 2017 where she shared some of the awesome things about Rust.

Video Credits : https://channel9.msdn.com

Rust will be the language of the future. I bet on it. And I hope now you may convinced that why you should use Rust! If so, then what you are you waiting for, Its time to get Rusty!

Hope you enjoyed my blog. Don’t Forget To Share It With Your All Tech Friends..!! 🙂


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